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Licence number: K4/2
Date: 28.09.2011
Licensee - emitter: TV kanal ultra d.o.o., Beograd
Broadcaster's short identification sign: ULTRA
Address: Браће Јерковић 117в, Београд
Phone: 011/367-4311
Fax: 011/367-4311
E-mail: /
User's code: 92200 Радио и телевизијске активности

Allowing cable broadcasting via cable distribution system

Name of the operator: 0
Broadcaster's short identification sign: 0
Address: Књегиње Љубице 5, Чачак
Phone: 032/358-188
Fax: 032/355-523
Approval number by RATEL-a: 1100-11/1
Acquired the rights to broadcast: 0
Boradcasting area: Čačak

An integral part of the license

The program content: Specijalizovani
The decision on compensation for cable broadcasting: КН/4-2740/11
This permit is valid: