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Licence number: K10/2
Date: 28.09.2011
Licensee - emitter: Preduzeće za proizvodnju, promet i usluge Jablanović CO DOO
Broadcaster's short identification sign: TV Resava
Address: Плажане бб, Плажане, Деспотовац
Phone: 035/631-284
Fax: 035/631-366
E-mail: /
User's code: 4690 Неспецијализована трговина на велико

Allowing cable broadcasting via cable distribution system

Name of the operator: 0
Broadcaster's short identification sign: 0
Address: Таковска 4/II, Деспотовац
Phone: 035/612-985
Fax: 062/265-404
Approval number by RATEL-a: 1100-32/1
Acquired the rights to broadcast: 0
Boradcasting area: Despotovac

An integral part of the license

The program content: Emiter celokupnog programa
The decision on compensation for cable broadcasting: КН/10-2815/11
This permit is valid: