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Licence number: К109/1
Date: 23.05.2012
Licensee - emitter: SZR NIK Sistem telekomunikacije Nikola Latić preduzetnik Novi Sad
Broadcaster's short identification sign: NB INFO Kanal
Address: Тодора Тозе Јовановића 4, Нови Сад
Phone: 062/205-805
Fax: 021/402-412
User's code: 6110 Кабловске телекомуникације

Allowing cable broadcasting via cable distribution system

Name of the operator: 0
Broadcaster's short identification sign: 0
Address: Тодора Тозе Јовановића 4/б, Нови Сад
Phone: 021/679-1744
Fax: 021/400-622
Approval number by RATEL-a: 1100-52/1
Acquired the rights to broadcast: 0
Boradcasting area: Novi Bečej

An integral part of the license

The program content: Emiter celokupnog programa
The decision on compensation for cable broadcasting: КН/109-1291/12
This permit is valid: